What Happens To Unused Sperm Once Inside Female What "really" Happens To Sperm/semen That Never Gets Ejaculated?

What "really" happens to sperm/semen that never gets ejaculated? - what happens to unused sperm once inside female

say, for example, if a man decides, of masturbation, containing some reason, how long they can build something? I have some reliable sources that absorbed sperm unused be read in the testes and recycled "after a period of relatively short, but what about other liquids, with mixed during ejaculation and orgasm? I understand that most of the developing sperm, the prostate and prostate also a way to use a recording of seeds? or is the only way to get rid of him through a nocturnal emission? Things I thought I had read that sperm and semen was a way to recycle if they never leave the body.

However, if a man goes up to 6 months without an orgasm, it does not matter if, as it was for 2 weeks, when it's all just continue to recycle itself? The system is only 2 weeks of sperm or semen at a time? or go to beat the 6-month value is saved in time? I hope that someNo answers useful. Thank you!


Connor said...

Do not delete.
Sperm die and disintegrate and disappear, which would be included. However, the sperm is not.

Sperm can actually build in May broke the prostate and increase the likelihood of cancer of the prostate.

The only way to get rid of ejaculate, is in some ways.

When a man goes 6 months without ejaculation, the only thing different is the situation that we would be more fluid and the quality of the sperm would not be fair. The more you ejaculate the sperm of his best production.
Produced no increase in the number, but also improves the sperm production.

It is much healthier for the body and sperm ejaculated 21 times or more per month.



They are filled in the epididymis,
There will be signs ... Transfer to the epididymis by way of regulation Nice ... activated by wet dreams. it can not always be in the bag of the epididymis.

anntknee said...

The cells are constantly being produced and will be divided as other cells and back into the blood. The liquid part of semen has a limited storage space, half a year's worth little more than six days in U.S. dollars

Jasper said...

Yes, and the sperm dies after the deadline and we expect to be almost ready to fertilize (approximately 70 days the whole life) absorbed by the body. Most seeds (95 to 98% - only 2% or less of the seeds will be) is usually the demand for the most isolated - a bit like saliva. They produce, if necessary, not when they are not. So a guy who does not ejaculate for several weeks or months is going to try any advantage to his load of sperm is not very different kind of sex to a week or more frequently, or the guy that's going solo all day.

CoolDadd... said...

There are many myths and errors in communication about this problem everywhere. The male reproductive system creates sperm constantly and at any time, millions in the various stages of development. Mature sperm survive 7 to 14 days at the end of the degenerate. Volume of seminal fluid is based on the frequency of use, maintained and especially body fluid / hydration. Once taken the proper amounts, and added to the system is stimulated and resting cells produce no more than necessary. Play units of the hormonal stimulation of male sexual desires of the publication at this time and many environmental factors are involved, whether it occurs (physical, sexual opportunities, mental, etc..) No evidence that the man has a couple of times during a given period, to prevent disease and maintain prostate health ejaculate.

Chris J said...

The number of sperm accumulate gradually, because they are young. You will get wet dreams, if the assertion of Semon is full. However, I heard the news that the case is a 40-year-old man is still a virgin because no one wants to marry him because he is a poor farmer, the amount of sperm in his system dramatically the point that often had an erection without stimulation. Desperate, he seeks ways to free him, but he died after an attack on a cow or bull **** in that the temperature inside the animal so hot. That is all.

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